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SoundCloud widget for

  1. A soundcloud widget would be awesome.

  2. Any news on this? It'll decide whether I use WordPress or not.

  3. The answer is: no. No news.

  4. A 'No' should not deter anyone from using wordpress. Why should you deny yourself the privilege of using an eminently good one like wordpress? There are other workarounds like giving in wp a link to soundcloud etc.

  5. +10 very good :)

  6. I'm currently working on a soundcloud widget which is in test at my site. The code will be soon available for all; after I've ironed out those small critting bugs crawling all over my desktop opening the plugin ;) has more information and a link to an early demo of the plugin.

  7. openmusicmedia

    It would be really good to get proper SoundCloud support in > I noticed that there is official Posterous support which works really nice but really would press on WordPress!

  8. +1, please make it also work on the free blogs... would be awesome :)

    support indie artists!

  9. +10

    We are an upcoming indie band, and would love to have a widget of soundcloud's on

  10. +10! Awesome.

  11. architectsspeak

    I've got to agree with most people here. A simple way the include a soundcloud player in blogs would be most agreeable to me

  12. assuming there's an embed code for this player, another option is entering the code into vodpod and post it that way with wordpress. I'd recommend trying that, I know this method works with flash player and player.

  13. why wordpress don't listen our prays? is so simple to do it! just do it! please!

  14. openmusicmedia

    Of course, this would be really great and really useful for a lot of people!

  15. Yeah, gerrit done please!

  16. would make sense for many music blogs (like ours). tried today to post with the soundcloud widget and it didn't work

  17. No need...! Martin Laine is there to take care of us posting soundcloud music/tracks

    Here are the steps in a support center way ...:)

    1. Create free accounts at and (you know how to do it! right?)
    2. Have your tracks at SoundCloud made public (use edit on left top of the player)
    3. Now you are all set to post mp3 on your blog. But wait a little tweaking has to be done.
    4. Now if you might not know (which is very unlikely) offers shortcodes, (which indeed is the topic of the discussion. Anyway the shortcode that we will be usuing is [audio URL].
    5. We will be using absolute URLs
    6. Martin Laine's flash audio player is my favourite (indeed you should know) even ahead of GOM and VLC for desktops...;)
    7. So, we were trying to set up the audio huh?
    8. Now do yourself a favour and copy the download link in the more options menu on the top right of SoundCloud player/track right next to the share button.
    9. Paste this link in the syntax/shortcode for Martin Laine's Audio Player
    10.Like this:


    This should be the way the code should look like...
    11. What are you waiting for? huh? Copy this code into your post or wherever you want it to be...

    Now what? We are done here listen to your music now at your blog and thank Martin Laine, WordPress and SoundCloud for their services...:)

  18. but what i would love is a plugin of shortcodes for wordpress installs


    Example of the procedure given above.

  20. the loading of may take some time, damn it it wouldn't work, everything is a crap that i wrote i was logged in to my wordpress account as well as my soundcloud in the same browser try it in different and it wouldn't work yeah there should be a shortcode or a method to get public link out of the SoundCloud tracks, anybody listening, i was acting an expert sorry for that...

  21. damdamitaksaal

    hurraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah got it right, joy know no bound.
    Exactly i too wanted SoundCloud in my blog, but couldn't embed the share code, the script.

    well how to do it:

    keep the procedure same but add this

    ##### Make it public, mean the track.
    ##### Then allow download i didn't see that option earlier just scrapped past it now well its done officially


    Martin Laine

  22. Thank you damdam, but I like to have sets - a collection with tracks - on my with the whole visual rambam ;)

    So, a widget is still widely anticipated! +10 and up go the thumbs

  23. a soundcloud widget would be excellent, especially with support for sets...

  24. Hey there,

    just quickly checking in to inform you that we've just announced the full WordPress integration on SoundCloud. To read all the details, please check out our blogpost:

    Hope you get the chance to check it out and please let us know what you think. We're really excited about this and want to thank Raanan and for making this possible.


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