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Soundslides Embedding

  1. I have a few Soundslides presentations that I would like to put on my WordPress blog, but heard that I am unable to because I do not privately host my blog. Is this true, and if it isn't, how do I get my Soundslides slideshows onto my blog, and if it is true, how do I privately host my blog and does it cost anything?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This search of the support pages for "slideshow" should answer you questions:

  3. I'm sorry, this website is only for RockYou slideshows and a few others, but does not apply to SoundSlides...

  4. If it isn't listed there then it cannot be used.

  5. /nod to tsp

    @ktcurrid - re: private hosting: yes it does cost money. Plenty of information about self-hosting here:

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