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  1. New-To-The-Game
    I am new to the BLOG game and I wanted to make some modifications to the Word Press default site code, but I am having a hard time finding the source code.

    After installing WordPress the site cam up as mysite/Wordpress can someone please tell me where I should look for the source code?

  2. Hi rjoyce,

    you want to head over to the

    [Link fixed - drmike]

  3. The php files of your WordPress install are your source code though. Since you're looking at source code, we're going to assume that you're not hosted here at and running different software than we are here. Your best bet would be the other site.


  4. Thanks for the info I will look there.

  5. I want to try source code but don't quite undestand what it will do...someone help me...perhaps an example..??

    Is it like imbedding code? Does anyone have a before and after example so I can see what this code does??



  6. Susaneb,

    I already replied to your question on another thread.

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