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    I am new to wordpress and I am wondering if

    #1 if it is possible to download the source code of a wordpress theme to modify on my own rather than on the browser with compilation by wordpress website. I want to be able to host it on godaddy as a file. How is this done traditionally?

    #2 If I change the CSS/HTML/JS can I still maintain the CMS functionality of wordpress for my clients to maintain the website in the future?

    The blog I need help with is



    For starters you need to get quite a bit of help over at WordPress.ORG as that is the software you will be using on Godaddy or any other outside host.

    We only support sites hosted on WordPress.COM – you can’t modify any code here

    WordPress.ORG has themes you can download and modify to the point they blow up if you want –

    A few cautions, there are correct ways to modify a theme and wrong ways – if you modify the theme in the wrong way you can open up serious security holes in the entire site, basically giving it to hackers – open an account at WordPress.ORG – it sounds like you have a lot to learn – best to make friends over at .ORG


    Many of the themes here at can also be downloaded for use on, self-hosted installations, if there is one that we have here that you wish to use. If you find the theme you are wanting to use at check the right hand column on the theme showcase page for that theme to see of there is a download link. If there isn’t, their may be a link to the theme author’s website where you can download the theme. You can also search on the theme page at to see if the theme is listed there. If not, hit the search engine of your choice and search for something like “theme name WordPress theme”.

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