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[sourcecode] and

  1. I posted following code in HTML mode:
    [sourcecode language="cpp"]<br /> template <int n><br /> struct MaleSequence<br /> {<br /> // взаємний рекурсивний виклик<br /> enum { value = n - FemaleSequence<MaleSequence<n - 1><br /> ::value>::value };<br /> };<br /> [/sourcecode]
    switch to Visual mode, and back to HTML mode, and save it. Result is:
    [sourcecode language="cpp"]<br /> template<br /> struct MaleSequence<br /> {<br /> // взаємний рекурсивний виклик<br /> enum { value = n - FemaleSequence<br /> ::value>::value };<br /> };<br /> [/sourcecode]

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have you tried putting the original text in the visual editor? I don't know why it should change if you put it in the html editor, switch to visual, then switch back (doesn't seem like it should), but using the shortcode doesn't require you to be in html mode. It's odd that it changes like that, although since I don't know the code, it could be that there's something malconstructed in the internal syntax & is stripping out the part that is surrounded by the "bad" syntax -- are all of your ">" characters correctly nested however they should be in cpp?

  3. @harmyder, if something is getting stripped out, then I think you need to contact staff directly. Go to and search for anything. Then scroll to the bottom, click the no button and the contact form will appear.

  4. Here's the link for using shortcode to post source code:

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