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sourcecode blocks being html encoded upon publish

  1. I use sourcecode blocks quite frequently in blog posts and while writing and previewing the post, it renders correctly, however when the post is scheduled, the contents of the sourcecode blocks seem to be html encoded when its published.

    e.g. " being replaced with ".

    Is there a reason this is happening & is there anything I can do to resolve it myself or is it a bug? It's quite annoying to have to go back and edit a post after its been published to correct the contents of the sourcecode blocks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The example I tried to show didn't render, the " is replaced with '& quot ;'

  3. Trevor, I have the same issue but haven't gotten any response to 2 different requests. Have you had any luck? It's definitely a problem with the scheduled task routine because Ive found if I just publish the post there is no problem. In fact, I've had to abandon the scheduled post feature because of this.

  4. Martin,

    No, I also have not had any response yet.

    It's a free service though so how much should we complain/expect?

  5. Sorry you're having this problem. Could you please each post a link to a post where this happened so I can investigate? Thanks very much.

  6. Hi Kathryn,

    This was the last post it happened to me on:

    If you view the edit history, you will see when I've corrected it. From what I can ascertain, it seems that the ampersand at the start of '& quot ;' gets html encoded to '& amp quot;' at some point so that in the code blocks what should show as " ends up displaying '& quot ;'

  7. Same issue for me, here's a post with the problem:

    Just go back to the October 25 7:01 post in history to see the issue. This does not happen when posting directly, only when using scheduled posts.

  8. Thanks very much to you both. We're investigating and I'll keep you posted.

  9. I'm adding to the list - I've had this occur multiple times when I post code too - suddenly when I publish, Ii'll see &quot, &gt, &lt, etc. . . things that aren't helpful when you want to copy code.

  10. gregramsey - The bug we're investigating only occurs when using the source code shortcode on scheduled posts.

    Does this apply in your case? If not, would you mind please starting a new thread for your issue so we can troubleshoot separately? Just link to it from here when you're done so I'll see it. Thanks!

  11. We've fixed the bug on scheduled posts - source code blocks should be properly published now.
    If you're still having any problems with this, please let us know.

  12. Awesome! Thank you Yoavf! I'll get my future posts scheduled and let you know how it goes.

  13. Code posted today with no problems! Nice job! My post didn't have any > or < but the double quotes worked perfectly!

  14. Great, thanks for letting us know!

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