[sourcecode] can’t handle long code file?

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    It’s fun and educational messing round with LaTeX, sourcecode, and HTML divs on WordPress. But I just can’t get this post to format nicely. It messes up the rest of my blog. I think the [ sourcecode ] block is too long or something (about 250 lines) and it overflows the other divs on the page. I’ve tried wrapping it in another div block but it doesn’t work. How can I post my wondrous Fortran code in a nice scrollable format that is only about 50 lines high?

    Also, Fortran syntax highlighting would be nice :P

    The blog I need help with is ropata.wordpress.com.



    I can’t get it to work either. (ccmw.wordpress.com) At post
    I just want to present the text
    [bandcamp album=0000000 vis=equaliser3d size=venti bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB]
    I’ve tried many of the “language” values, but none seem to work right. Couldn’t there just be a “text” one?
    Thanks for any help anyone can offer…
    Tim S



    I don’t think [sourcecode] is right for that. Try and
    [ for [
    ] for ]

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