[sourcecode]: Pasting in the Visual editor discards whitespaces?!

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    What is the proper way to paste source code into a blog? It seems that it can only be safely done when using the HTML editor because when pasting into the Visual editor most leading white-spaces are lost. The HTML editor also isn’t perfectly usable because in this case I must manually escape things like the opening bracket (<) [Update: I’ve found out that on the experiment page linked below this is not the case and I could paste it as is however during some previous experiment doing that did screw the page up]

    Isn’t this shortcode supposed to make pasting soruce code effortless, i.e. escaping what needs to be escaped and not loosing any formatting? Or is it necessary to combine it with

     or something?
    See http://theholyjava.wordpress.com/experiment/
    Thanks a lot!
    PS: I've also observed that on some of my posts this short code does other strange things like replacing " with "e; I have yet to find out why it sometimes works and sometimes not.

    The blog I need help with is theholyjava.wordpress.com.



    Hello there,
    If you cannot find what you need in the support documentation then you will need to contact Staff for assistance.

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