[sourcecode] section messed up quite oftenly when editing

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    Like source code in this post: http://sheenspace.wordpress.com/2010/09/21/callback_functor_delegate_event/

    When I first edit the post, insert code into [sourcecode] section for the first time, it was fine. All spaces are their. But after post, and come back to edit again, all spaces are gone. And code is ugly. When I restore spaces and update post, it is fine again. But messed up again after I go back to edit.

    What shall I do now? It drives me crazy.

    The blog I need help with is sheenspace.wordpress.com.



    The sourcecode sections below “回调函数(C++)” and “委托和事件(C#)” seem ok from here. The box under “C#委托和事件辨析” is using ‘pre’ tag instead of [sourcecode] shortcode.

    Are you referring to the whitespace before the comments?



    Hi, I am referring to whitespace before each line of code in the 2 [sourcecode] sections. They always disappear after post update and reediting.

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