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[sourcecode] tag not working properly after I embed an image? What gives?

  1. I created a post yesterday and added some R code examples using the [sourcecode] tag (which usually produces a nice visual representation of my R code); however, in this instance, instead of converting the text to a nice looking code example, the site does not handle the tag properly and just displays the tag: "[sourcecode]" and then "[\sourcecode]". To see what I mean, I've posted a link to the blog post in question.... what gives?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The tag isn't working because you've typed a space between the opening bracket and the word.
    And ideally the tag should be:
    [sourcecode language="r"]

  3. beauty! *Many, many* thanks justpi!!!

  4. I'm having trouble getting the [sourcecode] wrapper to work, too. No extra spaces within the brackets as far as I can tell -- see my post here:

    It is Processing code and I was trying to display it as Java. Any ideas on what I can do to fix this?

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