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Sourcecode tag should be always LTR but here it is not !

  1. I suppose that 99.9% (or more) of programming languages use English keywords & LTR direction.

    Here in WP posting a source code in a blog that use a RTL language will show the code RTL.

    Please I want to be able to post a source code that looks normal in my Arabic Blog.


    Another note : Source Code tag remove indentations making the code very very ugly :(

    Thanks :)

  2. UP

  3. Any Ideas about writing a source code that show LTR , btw the LTR tag does not work with the source code tag :(

  4. Please don't bump threads! I am guessing that no one has an answer for you here, so you should maybe send a ticket into staff through



  5. Resolved by the support team.

    @ Trent : Just 2 questions to understand the mechanism of help here :
    -Is this forum for just helping ppl to work with & understand WP options & any request that may need technical work should go to the support ?
    < If yes please accept my apologize :-) >

    -If I made a topic about something (for example how to use a certain feature which have no topic in the FAQ) & I got nothing after a while what can I do ?

    Thanks & In advance :-)

  6. I don't want to speak for Trent here, but my take on it is if you have posted here, and no one has responded with a solution within 24 hours, take it to support. This forum is extremely active with very knowledgeable volunteers along with staff cruising through, too. If you don't get an answer, then we can't help.

    Thanks for being so polite ;-)

  7. OK
    And thanks for the reply & your time :-)

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