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  1. I am going with a few friends to south america for two months and was wondering what people's highlights of the continent and countries are...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. lettershometoyou

    Get thee to Lonely Planet Thorn Tree forum and ask there - lots of travellers focused on their favourite places.

  3. "Lonely Planet" guides are the best... I think my favorite spot, if I could visist one spot over, was the Galapagos Islands. And that really can't be compared to anything. If you are a nature lover, you will not be dissapointed. You'll be standing in a spot, looking up at the sky, and swear that you are seeing terradactyls. The birds there are amazing. I was bummed I never saw the albatross; I think they're only on one island. But the mating behaviors of those birds, my God, it was breath taking. And I remember, too, one of my best times there, was simply jumping off the boat I was traveling on and swimming with the sea lions. They just wanted human attention and they followed me around the boat. They were so friendly. One of them came right up to me and laid his/her body right on mine. The plants, the iguanas, the birds, the tortoises... everything rocks in the Galapagos. You have to book the boat long in advance, though. I was lucky and got a spot at the last minute. You'd fly into Quito and then fly to one of two islands and take a boat from there.

    If you can't make it there and want to "get away" and "relax" on your vacation, Costa Rica has a town up north called Arenal. When I first got off the bus to get there, I almost got back on. But I stuck with it and I was glad I did. There is a volcano there that is always active! You can SEE the lava. It never hits the ground, though, so you're safe, but it is warming the waters that are there and they have this very -hate to say it- almost tourist-ey spot where you can bathe all day in your suit in these warm waters, heated by the lava. It's a treat. One fountain after another, one waterfall after another, one pool after another. You can sit in a warm, lava-heated pool and drink pina coladas from the bar.

    have fun-

  4. ha ha I said "mating behavior." I'm laughing now. I meant...geez I'm stumbling for the word here. What do you call it when you're an animal or bird and you're looking for a mate, trying to get a mate... hmm... I'm stumped. It's going to bug me now.

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