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Space allowed per user?

  1. Nearly every single post I post while blogging has an image, and I try to keep them small, but I know that they take up space. I am paranoid that wordpress will someday just up ant tell my I've used up all my space. Is there a limit? Or is there enough space that I can post a picture everyday without worry?

  2. I can't remember the exact size but its either 10 megs or 25 megs, I'm thinking that its 10mb, but I could be wrong

  3. You can host your images on other sites too.,,

  4. what do you recommend to host my attachments/files other than pictures, such as PDF files? thanks in advance. Richard

  5. Well,have a look at the host links here :
    and choose the ones that won't delete your files after a period of time. hosts pdf files but only foor 30 days...
    You can do a google search for storage hosts.
    Choose those where you create an account.

  6. But how many space we have on earth?

  7. Lmao!Would you like to host your files in the garden?

  8. actually, with a wireless connection and server wanison could host the files in the garden. :)

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