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    Hello, Currently I have uploaded 3 GB of files, exceeding my quota by 4 MB, but in Nov 19, 2010, I purchased an upgrade. Though with this purchase of the upgrade my space available remains the same and I am not able to upload more file.
    Why is this?
    Below is the purchase order.
    Thank you, José

    Your Upgrade was purchased successfully.
    [transaction information removed – hanni]

    The blog I need help with is



    The VideoPress upgrade and the Space upgrade are two different things.

    I’ve also flagged this thread in the hopes that staff or mods will remove your transaction information, which should really not be posted in a public forum.



    Also, from the VideoPress upgrade Support doc mentioned above:

    How much space do I get for videos?
    You get as much space as is available on your blog. Free blogs come with 3 GB of space. More space can be added using the Space Upgrade option.

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