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    I need to have some space between my images so that they do not butt into each other. Seemingly there was a way to do so by invoking a space function in an earlier version. Is there a code I can write to allow me this function?

    The blog I need help with is



    Wow! Where did the friendly WP helpers go? I am not having any success either. I don’t know whether it’s changes WP has made or me. I’ve applied code indicated by another helper in the past and that worked. But it didn’t this time. I have an embedded YouTube video with text below it that is too close.

    Good luck to both of us.


    @yoart, I checked and I don’t see images bumping into each other there. If you still need help, please provide a link that shows the problem in action.

    Same thing for you @arrby, can you provide an example link?


    I’ve been having major problems with content all shuffling into empty spaces every time I edit.

    I have NO idea about code but someone showed me a good tip today and it seems to have sorted my issues out.
    Once you’ve inserted your picture or text use a full stop on every line or in every space that you need, then turn it white (so it wont be seen) and it acts as a place holder.

    I’m sure someone will have a better fix than this but it worked for me.



    CSS editing is theme specific. You are not using Contempt on the blog linked to your username. Please click this link and post your own thread


    Sorry, I had no idea I needed to post separately, I thought anyone could answer posts here. Sorry if that’s not the case.

    I hadn’t claimed to be an expert, just mentioned something I’d struggled with that had been resolved using the method I posted. I had previously failed to find an answer to it on here so thought it might be worth a try to others struggling with the same issue.



    I misunderstood but not to worry. For all we know it may work on Contempt. lol :D




    It’s no fun searching for info on how to do this stuff, folks, so do what I did, because some of that info is there. When you find it, stick it up on your bookmarks toolbar. Or bookmark it somehow. Voila! No more constantly annoying friendly, helpful and no doubt overworked WP helpers.

    Happy new year and please just wish for me to die peacefully in my sleep. (You do not want to be a security guard!)


    arrby! I’ll wish for peace for you while you’re awake. :)

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