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space between lines

  1. hi
    I want to post a blog in a poem form without the double spacing between lines.
    the editor seems to double space automatically. the double space is ok between stanzas.

    is there anyway around it? thanks

  2. try copying your poem into notepad then copying back to the editor. it should take away the double spacing.

    if you press enter in the editor it will automatically go to a new paragraph hence the double spacing.

  3. The way I do it, is by holding down shift and hit enter and that singles spaces for me.

  4. A quick look at the page source leads me to believe that you're using the rich text editor to post. There's a lot of garbage in there.

    But yet no line break tags....

    I would try turning off the Rich Text editor, at least for posting the poems. You can do this at Dashboard -> Users -> Your Profile -> Bottom of the page. You'll have more control over your posting if you do so.

    Also you may even want to try posting your poems with blockquote tags. Some people prefer teh layout depending on the theme. I think it's a personal choice myself.

    hope this helps,

  5. it's great now. thanks so much. I really appreciate it. ciao. marco

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