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Space between text and image??

  1. I'm not sure if this will help at all but I create my posts in dreamweaver and then just copy/paste them into the editor. Again not sure if it'll help but it's an idea. Also while i'm super new I use tables in the posts.

  2. Is it possible to embed a photo into your main page? Example say I have some very, very light, unobtrusive photos that I would like to have in the page so I could write over it. Is it possible to do that here at WordPress?

    The only way you can change the background behind your posts to an image is through css editing and you can't do that without purchasing a css upgrade. (There is a preview function so you can play around with css and view the results. But any changes that you make in preview will not remain and cannot be seen by your readers so be sure to save them in a plain text editor.)

  3. Hey desdev and timethief:

    Thank you so much for your assistance. My significant other has been hounding me to get Dreamweaver insofar as she says, "...your writing takes 15 minutes, but your editing takes 2 or more hours." I say, "'s tough being a perfectionist..." Anyway, I feel it's incumbent upon a blogger to at least know the basics...if not more!

    timethief: There is a duplicate of this post; I don't know how it happened but there are like 18-19 comments that are quite good. "Watermark" was the word I was looking for! Thanks again, both of you! Cheers!


  4. Can we please bug support to include in the FAQ the information on the margin problem?

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