Space for unpublished notes and research

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    I thought I would suggest that WordPress add a section on the dashboard for notes, research, lists, etc which will not end up being posted. I am familiar with the “draft” function but I think it would be useful to have a section like this separate from the pages or post drafts.

    I find myself writing “to-do” or “idea” notes for my blog in places other than WordPress (my email, etc.) It would be great if WordPress could integrate a space like this into the dashboard!




    I use Springpad:


    springpadit does look good but I think a place actually built into the dashboard would be pretty useful if only because it means I wouldn’t have to go to a different place to write down notes which could involve a complete forgetting of whatever idea it was… yes my attention span is that short…



    I second this! Often I just want to copy/paste a URL or jot down a quick idea for a future post, discussion, etc. It would be nice to have a small sticky note in the Dashboard for this, without having to create a new draft.

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