Space if scaling pics?

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    If I scale my images will that free up some space on my blog? I couldn’t upload some pics due to lack of space. I realize I can buy software and “resize” my pics but other than spending $ would it work by scaling them?
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    There are several free programs that will scale images as well as some online image scaling services that are no charge

    Gimp is a free program like Photo Shop

    Once an image is scaled the original image will need to be deleted and the new one inserted into the Post or Page



    I understand you mean scale them down via the image editor of the blog. No, it won’t free up any space. If you try it, you’ll see that below the tab “Scale Image” you’ll get “Restore Original Image”: scaling produces a new version of the image but the original file remains uploaded to your media library.

    You have to resize the images outside the blog, edit the posts to remove the originals and upload/insert the downsized versions, then delete the original ones in Media > Library (removing them from the post again doesn’t delete them from your library).

    But you don’t have to spend money. As auxclass said, there are free image editing applications you can download, as well as free online tools, for instance this one for downsizing:
    Or this one, for optimizing large files:

    You realize that you have wasted space because you’ve been uploading unnecessarily huge files. Ideally the images should have the pixel dimensions you want on the post. Saving space and reducing loading time apart, this also gives better quality on the post, as images downsized by WP lose some color and sharpness – see here:


    @justpi – I knew to size my images to what I wanted before uploading, but did not know I should also delete the dimensions WP inserts here – thank you for that!

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