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    I attempted to upload a ‘media’ file which are photos, but received this message.

    “Error 30 April 2013 005.JPG 30 April 2013 005.JPG exceeds the maximum upload size for this site”

    So I went to the beginning of my blog, to delete some of the earlier posts dating back to 2010, to try to free up some space, then tried to upload the new photos. It still will not allow this, even though I have deleted many earlier posts.

    Please advise,
    Kind Regards



    Hi there,

    It may be that your image file itself is too large, though that would have to be quite a large image. How big is the file?


    Hi amightywp, thanks for your reply,

    I’ve just checked the size, and the “error” message states that the maximum size allowed is 762KB, and I’ve just checked the photo I wanted to upload and it was 4.56MB so it most surely does “exceed the maximum upload” as stated.

    However, I’ve never encountered this problem before when uploading a simple photo to enhance a blog update, and I tried to reduce the size of the frame/photo in the ‘edit’ page, but this still would not be accepted.

    Looking forward to your suggestions..



    Hi there, it looks like you’ve used up all the free space that comes with your account, as you can see in your media library here:

    Looks like you have used 3.0 GB of your 3.0 GB upload limit (100%)

    To gain more space, you could:

    – Delete some of the files from your media library. Deleting posts themselves isn’t enough, as the images contained in those posts will remain in your media library and still take up space.

    – Purchase a Space Upgrade to give you more room to upload more images. You’ll also be able to upload audio files with this upgrade.

    If you need anything else, just let me know.

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