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    All of a sudden I am over my picture limit. I’ve been blogging since 2008 and suddenly I was told I am 5GB over the limit… is there a provision WordPress can give me to keep uploading and blogging? Why would I suddenly be notified I’m so far over the 3GB limit?
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    All blogs come with 3000 megabytes (~3 GBs) of space for storing uploaded files and images. To purchase a spave upgrade see here >



    Is it possible that you had a space upgrade but let it lapse? FWIW-You’re uploading 3072 pixel wide images that weigh in at approx. 1.5MB only to have cram them down to 555 pixels wide to fit your theme. There’s a lot of of waste going on there.


    timethief – Yes, I’m familiar with the Space Upgrade instructions. My concern is that suddenly I was notified I had exceeded my limitation by 5GB.
    justjennifer – I’ve never purchased any sort of upgrade before. I suppose I could go through and delete all of my photos, edit and resize them, and re-upload them… that seems quite time consuming and I’m hoping there is a better/more efficient way.



    I can only assume that you were not creating your posts in the Dashboard but with an external program. Otherwise it certainly is odd that you wouldn’t have seen the notice in your dashboard about your remaining available space and odder still that you were able to continue uploading long after you’d passed the 3GB limit.

    Before you start deleting, there is a function in the Media Library that allows you to resize images already uploaded and hopefully not disturb the inserted image links in your posts, but I have no experience of whether this actually reduces image weight as a result. It will, more than likely, affect image quality and perhaps also any metatdata in the photo. I’d suggest trying it out on a number of older, less popular posts first and see if there’s any change to your upload allotment.

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