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Space upgrade audio trouble

  1. Hey there, Im not a very computer savvy person for this kind of thing but here is the problem:

    I purchased the space upgrade today. I uploaded a song from my computer into the media library and it uploaded completely fine. I then went to 'attach' and tried to attach it to one of my posts. It said 'attached' at the top of the screen but then when i looked at the file it still said unattached. I tried a few times, and i even changed the title of the song to the URL link from the edit box.

    Basically i cant seem to figure out how to properly attach the music to the posts i wanted.

    Also i was wandering if there is a way to put the music on the home page and not on separate posts themselves?

    My blog is:

    Any help would be really appreciated!

    p.s. when i went to the support page it showed a window where you are supposed to click 'none' on the links and instead click add to post. However no matter what i have tried i dont get that window after uploading a song.

    Again help would be fantastic.

    Many thanks,


    The blog I need help with is

  2. ok update i figured out how to attach a song to a post. However it comes up as a link which puts u to a brand new window with a flash player. Is there anyway to have a small flashplayer box above the post or something?

    Thanks again.

  3. fixt that to haha. thanks anyways :P

  4. Oh wait yea still wandering if there is a way to have the flash player on your home page and not for each separate post?


  5. okay i kind of fixed that issue to. As long as i update each new post with the same song the player should stay at the top.

    Thanks anyways, i really should learn to completely run out of patience before bothering anyone with a post that becomes irrelevant 2 seconds later lol.


  6. No I'm sorry that's not possible. We are blogging on a multiuser blogging platform where preserving security is the priority, therefore, we have restrictions, and the software will strip out the code that's listed here >

  7. Just make it a Sticky post.

  8. @raincoaster
    Great thinking! You always impress me. :)

  9. Thanks! Much appreciated.

  10. how do i make it into a sticky?

  11. This is the link to the support documentation for

    This is the results of a search for "sticky post"

  12. Thanks for all the help!

  13. Best wishes for happy blogging.

    P.S. Bookmark this link to the support documentation

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