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    I am confused about the space upgrade I purchased almost a year ago. I was under the impression that my space upgrade would not expire, that I was purchasing additional space for my blog without other limitations. I am currently using 41% of my upgrade and would like to use the other 59% I paid for, but your message on my dashboard makes it seem I will not be able to use it once my year is up? I canceled the automatic renewal in the meantime.
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    Space upgrades have to renewed annually if you want to keep the space.


    So the space I haven’t used will just vanish? I find this kind of shady because I originally purchased 5GB of space (which is what my original receipt says) without an expiration date, but it was then changed to 10GB and given a time limit. I’m considering switching to Blogger now.


    Also, it is not very clear on your website that this is the case, except that it says “per year,” but you don’t explain that the space cannot roll over. I like WordPress, but this frustrates me. I’m considering switching unfortunately.



    The Space Upgrade has always been an annual renewal, and we do list the price as “per year.”

    You are essentially leasing the space, not purchasing it, which is the same for all hosting providers.


    Thank you for the clarification.



    You’re welcome!

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