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Space upgrade to allow embedded audio/video?

  1. I have searched far and wide in the FAQ and forum yet I'm still not sure if you must upgrade you blog's space before you can embed an audio/video file from another site on the web?


  2. It depends on which site. I use YouTubes all the time, and host my mp3's at Odeo. You can hotlink audio easily with no issues at all, provided the host site allows hotlinking. And if whatever you're trying to use won't post normally on you can often work around it using Vodpod, either the sidebar widget or the button, which you can get on their site .

  3. Thanks, what do you mean be hotlink? I was able to embed by entering [audio=url link] into the html editor. One of them just continually buffers though. I will look at the vodpod link you provided.

  4. It buffers because the URL you've pasted ( is a webpage, not an mp3.

  5. Hotlink means to host something on one site and use it on another.

    It would be easier to help you if you gave specific links to the posts you're talking about.

  6. Thanks, I realize now that the URL is wrong, I will try it again. I appreciate your time.

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