Space upgrade transfer from old to new blog?

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    I’ve created a new blog and am hoping to redirect/merge/transfer (not exactly sure how to go about this) my old blog,, to the new blog (under the same user). My older blog has the basic space upgrade and it was recently renewed. Is there a I can transfer this upgrade to the new blog?



    The blog I need help with is


    Yes, contact staff and they can move the upgrade over to the new blog for you. Go to , search for anything, scroll down and click “No…” and then the contact form will appear. Give them the URL of both the old and new blogs and they will transfer it over for you.

    As far as moving your content and stuff, see this support document.




    Just a few quick related questions:

    I’ve moved the content through the Import/Export XML method…If the space upgrade is transferred, will my media data now appear in the new blog? Or will I have to re-import?

    Would the site redirect method include the space upgrade transfer? and if so, is this a better way to go?



    A Site Redirect upgrade does not include any additional upgrades, but I can transfer your space upgrade if you’d like.

    As long as your media files were included in your posts, they should have been brought over with the import.

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