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  1. Why does &nbsp: keep disappearing. I am working on a post that has four or five blocks of text <div></div> and after each I insert the space but it when I go to edit the post another time they are gone, and the blocks (div) are butted up against each other.

    Hope I stated this clearly....

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,

    Please make sure you're editing your post in the Visual editor, and not HTML. If you're in the HTML editor, you have to manually add spaces using the br tag.

  3. I meant add the br tag if you only use the HTML editor, and spaces don't show up (which normally should without even the br tag).

  4. Can't do right after a </div>

  5. You can add the tag, but why are you using the div tags? Try to edit your post in the Visual editor (check at the top-right section of the editor, it has two tabs, Visual and HTML).

    Also, please post a link to your post.

  6. This apparently is an ongoing problem with a lot of WP bloggers....when are they going to fox this problem. The only way to get a space after a div is to add a line. See my blog post of today...

    I tried everything I could find here and nada...

  7. Hmm, weird. I just tried those blocks of text (divs) in my editor, and can add a space just fine, no "line" added to give an impression of space.

    Can you try clearing cache/cookies, or try using a different browser?

  8. Well add them, save and them come back to edit a couple of times....they disappear. I am not making this up.

  9. You certainly aren't, I was just telling about my tests which could be different. I used this method, please try and let me know:

    Right below each closing </div>, add this tag in the HTML editor.

    It will output this if you open the editor again:

    You can copy/paste one of the above just below each </div>, and see if the space shows up. (And sticks!)

  10. Space was caught up by the code tags above, so just use the
    tag below each </div>.

  11. Have tried that. I know it puts the   in but it will disappear with an edit or two. Also tried these suggestions and same result...

    <br style="margin-bottom: 20px" />

    <p> </p>


  12. Right. If you want a CSS solution to this, here's the following code which will add a margin below each div on that specific page:

    .postid-17444 .entry-content div {
        margin-bottom: 30px;

    Adjust the margin value to give the desired spacing, and paste the code under Customize > CSS.

    For the space disappearance issue in the editor, I'm gonna have to tag this thread for Staff assistance. It might take some time for them to get back with a reply, so please be patient.

  13. My non-breaking spaces also disappear, and I'm trying to use them as I always have -- to prevent widows (bad line breaks) at the ends of paragraphs. They disappear if I enter them manually. And if I try to use the Special Characters table in the toolbar, they don't appear at all. Typographically it is unacceptable to not have the use of non-breaking spaces.

  14. Hi folks. Which editor are you each using?

    Are you using WP-Admin or

    Please also let us know which browser you're using. We'll go from there.

  15. I'm using WP-Admin (the old version). My browser is Chrome Version 46.0.2490.71 on Macbook Pro.

    I know you probably aren't giving the old editor any love anymore, but its non-breaking space used to work just fine.

  16. WP Admin... IE 11.

  17. Okay. Can one of you get screenshots of what you've typed before and after, and upload them to Cloudup or another service, then send the link to me? I'll try to duplicate it here.

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