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    I have a basic need/question. How do I space my paragraphs? I find when I post the system just ignores my spaces and crams them right next to photographs. How can I avoid this? thanks

    The blog I need help with is


    My blog is narrow – less than 6 inches wide in the middle of my ( 18″) screen.
    A wide area to the left of my writing is blank – is it filled with ads that others can see but not me?
    Any way to fix this? I don’t see this on other blogs ( I have friends with free ones also). CM



    a) Webpages aren’t like word processors: you don’t create extra space by entering multiple paragraph breaks. You add coding in the so-called Text editor to change things, for instance increase the default margins of paragraphs or cancel the wrap-around effect of left- or right-aligned images. See this post of mine for starters:

    b) Most themes have a fixed width or maximum width. You can’t change this except if you have the Custom Design upgrade. If you don’t have the upgrade, you can switch to a wider theme. On Pilcrow, the only other thing you can do to increase the total width of the theme is select one of the 2-sidebar layouts (in Appearance > Theme Options); but you’re not using many widgets, so you won’t gain much.

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