Spaces removed from page when saved…

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    I have paypal buttons on a page.

    When I update the page, the text below is moved up right against it.
    I hit “enter” a couple of times to give more space, click update,
    and there it is again.

    How do I stop that. I’ve tried

    to no avail.

    I don’t know what all of the html codes mean and the link gave takes me to a site that ultimately doesn’t help/go anywhere.

    I’ve been searching for almost an hour. I’d love some help.

    This is the post page –

    Thanks so much!

    The blog I need help with is


    Edit the html of the post in question. Surround the first paragraph below the buttons with paragraph tags, like this:

    <p style="margin-top:30px;">YOUR TEXT HERE</p>

    Hit “preview” to see how it looks, and alter the “30” to taste.


    Thanks for the info.
    I’ve done this and am not able to make it work.
    I cleared my cookies/cache and tried again. No luck.

    Once I click preview or update. The text goes right back to where it was.
    I check in “text” tab, the <p style=”margin-top:30px;”>MY TEXT</p> is still in there but, no space.
    I’ve tried on Firefox and Safari.


    The pic was aligned left. I figured it out!
    Thanks for the moral support. :)

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