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    hi, how do i get back my blogs? i have been out of touch with the blogs for the past couple years and missed the upgrade period. Is there any way you could help? I would like to have my old blogs on back?
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    The upgrade period was 6 months in duration and took place in 2011. I’m afraid we have no access to Windows Live Spaces migrations as of March of 2011. You will need to Contact Windows Live directly about the possibility of getting a backup of your Spaces blog.


    Microsoft killed spaces live. It isn’t coming back.

    There was a period where you could migrate your site over to, but that time has passed.

    You can do some searching over at help and it might be that they can send you a backup file for them, but that backup file cannot be imported here. You would have to open things up and do a copy/paste of all the stuff (that is assuming that the files will be in some format that someone can actually work with).

    If you can get backup copies, and you have quite a bit of stuff in them, you are looking at a bunch of work to turn all that back into blogs.

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