Spacing and Layout problems

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    So copy and pasting in from word or works doesn’t include the spacing in between paragraphs, titles or poem stanzas. It doesn’t work even when I use the ‘Word’ pasting button or the one next to it.

    I think to myself: well, at least I can just type the poem in normally and add spaces there. Guess what? I type the title – hit enter twice and do the first stanza, using enter to skip onto the next line. When I have finished the stanza, I hit enter twice to separate stanza one and two – I look at the preview and everything is bunched togetehr with no spacing. Why??

    The blog I need help with is



    It doesn’t work because isn’t a word processor: it’s blogging software.

    You can use Windows Live Writer, which looks and works much like Word and is free, to do your formatting if you don’t want to learn to use the proper HTML codes to do it.



    I agree that simply downloading windowsliverwriter and using it is the best solution to your problem. Using windowslivewriter also means you will automatically have a backup of everything you publish on your blog on your own computer.

    For an explanation of what’s going on when you use the editor in your blog you may want to read >



    Thank you both, these suggestions look helpful – I only hope they work.



    This problem of line spacing is a recurrent one. I tried all kinds of code, without result. I tried to add a line of pure spaces, but the editor rejects it. Then I hit on a trick: I printed a few characters and made them the color of the background, which in my case is black:
    <span style=”color: black;”>…</span>
    This finally worked.



    You’re welcome and they do work. :)



    This also works, just create a small white/black or whatever color you need image JPG and just insert that (as an image)to wherever need spacing. I use this trick, works perfect.

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