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    How can I ajust the space between the lines when I use a small font size ?



    use the < br > tag if you want to have spaces between the lines. (close the spaces between < and >)

    if you’re asking to adjust the space between the lines, i think it follows the size of the font used.



    Thanks for your answer, Sulz. “< br >” doesn’t work. Maybe I wasn’t clear. What I mean is : when I use font size “1”, that space between each line of text in a paragraph stays the same as when I use the standard size (12 points). So, the spacing between the lines is much too great. I don’t mean an empty or white line between each line of text, of course, but the distance from baseline to baseline.



    I think the only way to adjust that would be with the CSS upgrade. Otherwise if you could change it, you’d be changing it for everyone who used that template, regardless of the font size they were using. Strange that the two (line height and font size) are not connected automatically, but it doesn’t seem that they are.



    For folks on the customised CSS option there are definite benefits in moving to a sensible font sizing schemata including the line-height. It is a weakness in some themes.



    @ atthe404
    @ rainscoaster
    Thank you for your answers. I’ll give up using very small font.



    When spacing between lines can’t be achieved with

    <br/> try &nbsp;

    And I heartily support using larger and more readable sized fonts. I have noted that some themes leave an larger space than expected right at the end of posts. I assume this is an allowance for advertising.

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