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    I’m pasting a poem into the submit field, and when I hit publish it publishes the damn thing all in one line. I tried typing it into the field, but I couldn’t separate different stanzas of the poem. How do I go about doing this?



    Are you using Opera, by chance? It does that.

    Formatting options are limited at, but you can put the line returns in by hand. It will generally double-space things, but if you hold the SHIFT key when you hit Enter it will single-space them, so do that for most lines, and put the double space between stanzas.


    Most times when pasting things from other sources, html code can come with it that can mess things up here at wordpress.

    If you want the stanzas single-spaced, at the end of the line, hold down the shift key and hit return which will keep the extra line from appearing. Then at the end of the stanza, just hit return and it should put the extra line in.


    Rain’s fingers were quicker than mine. Safari has problems with the extra line between paragraphs.



    thank you for the immediate and helpful responses!

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