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Spacing problem

  1. Hey, I know this question has probably been asked a jillion times before. But I am on a time budget and have to have this site complete for our client by 5. SOOOoo.. i figured the fastest way to find a fix to my problem is to just ask. So please forgive me if my question is redundant.
    I am having an issue on the Home page of the blog. ( How do I get rid of the big space between the top and the beginning of the text (the James 1:27 verse.) Please help! Thanks.

  2. Have you tried prayer? :)

  3. No kidding. This person is getting paid by a church "client" to set up a "free" blog and is here expecting us to meet his or her timelines. The word "cheeky" comes to mind.

  4. My thoughts exactly. And they are on a time line? ........

  5. people have to pay bills and eat-I don't think it's unreasonable at all for the poster to be receiving money for designing a site, whether that site is hosted freely or not. not to mention, the poster may, for example, have a discounted rate for non-profits. the poster could also have received a very short timeline..clients can be like that. I just did a health contract proposal a hairline under 20,000 words and it was done in two weeks.

    I dunno...a lot of assumptions being made here methinks.

  6. Perhaps the first assumption belongs to blufishfcm1. Perhaps he or she assumes that we are staff being paid to answer questions at the drop of a hat.

    It could be that he or she is unaware that all of the bloggers answering questions on this forum, including the Moderator, are unpaid volunteers giving freely of their time.

    I looked at the blog and it seems the problem with the text below the image is that blufishcm1 has been copying and pasting text from for example Word. There are obvious gaps in the text that indicate this

    I would go here -> Users -> Profile and uncheck the box for the visual rich text editor and then click "Update options". Then I would edit the post in the standard editor and open it up and remove the space above the image as well as the unnecessary carriage returns in the body of the text.

  7. Actually I am an intern and not getting paid anything...

  8. Thank you for the redicule and the help. Nobody is getting paid anything for this. I work for free, and this is a charity donated by our design firm.

  9. (1) The url of the blog in question is (note there is no www in the url).
    (2) Always use a plain text editor (eg. Notepad) for preparing the text you intend to copy and paste into any blog.
    (3) Whether you are getting paid or not I would strongly suggest an attitude adjustment if you intend to be in IT. The common time frame to get an answer to a question on most blogging forums is indicative of at least a 24 hour wait.
    (4) If time is of the essence, it makes more sense to make use of the help provided above rather than posting here.

  10. Well sorry if you took anything I have written as being written with an attitude. Not my intention. I've just had a matter of a week to learn this entire program and build this thing. Its been a bit stressfull seeing as how I have not had the first class about web design. But, I'll take the ridicule.. maybe I did sound a bit pushy with my time limit comment. Was just hoping to get help quick.. which I did and thank you for. Sorry for stepping on anyones toes.

  11. Why are you wasting time posting again?
    Why are you not fixing the spacing?

  12. I was impressed with the timely manner and knowledge that you answer others with. I was expecting the same.. and wondering why I got attack instead. Bad day? i donno.. either way, sorry for putting you out.

  13. I just looked at the blog. YAY! What I suggested worked. The extra space above the image and all the extra spaces in the text are now gone.

    I'm glad to see that this was resolved. Well done and happy blogging. :)

  14. Thank you. thank you.

  15. You're welcome and may your weekend be blessed. :)

  16. My god, people. If you'd just answered the question you'd have spent far less time dealing with this. Seriously, you've been asses to this person.

  17. I cleaned up this thread and please don't make fun or ridicule anyone for religious beliefs since they were just asking for help here people.


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