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    There seems to be random spacing between some of the words in my posts. I can’t figure it out. The post looks fine in the visual and code mode, but when it is published, gaps appear.



    Well I clicked your username and it was not linked to your blog. It was linked to some immigartion site. Please post your blog’s url here so I can see what you mean.

    Okay I found your blog , I think. Is this it?
    If so when viewed with my firefox broswer I do not see any unusual spacing. I see the usual text justification and that’s it.



    Some templates, like Freshy, justify text so that is aligned BOTH left and right. This often leads to some weird spacing within the lines. The easiest solution is to change templates if this is your problem.


    That would be the “justify” formatting. It’s not “weird” spacing, really. A lot of published documents use it because it makes clean lines on the edges, which are easier to follow to the next line. On a site I used to have, I used Justify for my formatting. I like the formatting, but some don’t. entry:

    4. Printing.
    a. to make (a line of type) a desired length by spacing the words and letters, esp. so that full lines in a column have even margins both on the left and on the right.



    Technically yes, but people misunderstand Justify to refer to one side or the other. I always like to spell it out as clearly as possible.


    I figured it would be misunderstood. That’s why I provided the definition for the justification of “Justify”. :-)

    I also wanted to clarify that it’s not really “weird”, which implies abnormal/unnatural.



    Ahhh … so we are all agreed then and our advice to the OP is that his or her blog is looking fine. The extra spacing is a a result of justification. That justification is coded into the template by the designer and it cannot be changed by the blogger.

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