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    I am outraged by the amount of spam I have received from signing up.. Note anyone who contacts me without my asking will never ever get work from me or my contacts and you will be blacklisted.

    I have no idea how my details are publicly available.



    WordPress does sent out email to new accounts to help users get started with their account and also be alerted when things are happening on their website (when users start subscribing or commenting). These emails can be disabled through your Notification settings here:

    Browse through the four tabs on this screen to enable/disable notifications or emails:

    • Notifications
    • Comments
    • Updates
    • Reader Subscriptions

    Thank you for this. However this isn’t from wordpress this is from random people selling me web services, logos etc. I have had 25 emails and 7 calls today.

    If I could remove all these details by deleting my account I would.



    I see, that is strange. Part of the WordPress Privacy Policy (which is an agreement between you and when you sign up for an account is:

    We don’t share your personal information with anyone except to comply with the law, develop our products, or protect our rights.

    Privacy Policy

    If it’s any added assurance I did not receive any new spam emails and certainly no phone calls when I set up several accounts here a few months ago. These emails could be coming in from a registrar or domain host instead. Have you inquired about or purchased these services from any other companies? Such as if you self-host using WordPress software from then you would have to sign up for hosting and/or domain names yourself through or similar.



    Hi @simonetchells,

    I find spam emails endlessly frustrating. I’m sorry you’re getting them.

    I’ve signed up for WordPress myself (how else would I be posting this if I hadn’t 😀) and I didn’t see an increase in spam emails after having done so. That’s not to say my experience is the same as yours. I say that to begin thinking about the myriad of ways email addressed get added to spam lists, which it sounds like yours has.

    Here are some quick tips I practice:

    • click unsubscribe on any newsletter or marketing email you don’t want. That helps a lot.
    • If you use a service like Google’s Gmail or GSuite, flag any messages as spam that keep coming after you’ve unsubscribed. That will clean up your inbox after a couple weeks of doing that work.
    • Avoid handing out your email freely, especially sketchy-looking websites asking for it or businesses making big promises about helping you build out or market your WordPress site.

    These tips might not help much. There are plenty of other tips you’ll find around the internet to combat spam.

    Let us know how else we can help.




    I would also add, just as @xpurichan said, you would not receive any phone calls through official WordPress channels. If you’re not interested in what the callers are selling, it’s probably smart to block their phone numbers.

    In addition, finding email addresses is an easy job for spammers. Finding phone numbers is still easy, but not that easy. I urge caution on what websites you share your personal contact information.

    Good luck stopping those nuisance emails and phone calls.




    Hi @simonetchells, sorry to hear that! We don’t share your email address, unless you purchase a domain and opt to keep your contact information public. As far as I can see on this account, you haven’t done that.

    Did you happen to publish your email address on your site?


    Hey thanks to all the replies. I actually rang my domain hoster as you suggested – yes my privacy was off. As a beginner that was something I didnt know.

    Will not forget to do that in the future.

    Surprising it’s not set default as private! Really had to dig in the settings to find it.

    I was shocked that “was coming” from wordpress – but it obviously isnt.

    Apologies for any offence casued!



    @simonetchells no offense taken, I’m glad you got that figured out!



    @simonetchells no worries. I remember making a similar mistake with my first domain many years ago. I can only imagine the spammers have gotten worse since then.

    International policies require domain contact information, and while most domain providers do offer proxy services to keep contact details private, some don’t offer them by default. We try to encourage our users to add privacy here, and we include it with our plans.

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