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  1. It says:


    Akismet has protected your site from 1 spam comments.

    But when I clicked the 1 spam comments, it says:

    Caught Spam

    You have no spam currently in the queue. Must be your lucky day. :)

  2. AFAIK this is just a quirk with Akismet; sometimes the spam it's caught will appear almost immediately, other times they can take a few hours or even a couple of days to appear. Spam shouldn't be deleted for 15 days, though, so unless you haven't been able to see it for four or five days, I wouldn't worry. If it goes longer than that, you're best to send a feedback to let staff know.

  3. Kthx.

  4. This topic is FAR from being resolved. I ought to know -- two more comments to my site just got swallowed up by Akismet again today.

    It is a MYTH that the comments will eventually show up. If they don't appear in the queue in the first place, they NEVER do. WordPress staff knows about this problem but has NOT resolved it, and refuses to implement a viable workaround by giving bloggers the option to turn Akismet off and screen all comments before posting them.

    The result: The comment system for all WordPress blogs is effectively BROKEN.

    For the TRUTH about this huge, ongoing and UNresolved problem, see these threads:

  5. @golddiggers
    DING! DONG! I'm so sorry to hear you are still struggling with this. :(

  6. Now I haven't read through all of the other threads you're referring to - but one explanation may be that if you're running multiple blogs on your login, it shows the spam catched for all of your blogs.

    I guess it's because we only have one akismet account per username and not one per blog.

    So even though Akismet says that it has protected your blog from X spam comments, it may very well be for another blog.

    Again, if you have more blogs on your username - go check them out to see if comments are awaiting moderation there.

    - Biyang Hansen

  7. Thanks for your input, niyse, but I have only one blog, so I'm afraid that the explanation that you suggested doesn't fit the situation.

    And timethief, thank you for your continuing sympathy, but as I think that ongoing comments elsewhere throughout the forum indicate, I'm far for being the only one who continues to be plagued by this problem.

    My feeling, like that of some others who had commented on the dilemma previously, is that there are large numbers of WordPress bloggers who are victims of the Akismet bug, but unaware of it. Yet if they knew about it, I suspect that they, too, would be up in arms.

    WordPress really needs to fix the problem, or if it can't, give us the option to turn off Akismet in exchange for having to screen all messages before posting them. I've followed that policy from day one anyway, and with a reasonable workaround like that, there's just no earthly or sane reason for WordPress not to provide us with that choice -- except that they've dug in their heels on this issue and seem determined to be callously and mindlessly stubborn about it. It's little wonder, though, since they've refused even to acknowledge just how widespread and profound the problem is.

  8. golddiggers: perhaps you could contact support (again, if you have done so before) and give as much details about this issue. i've read threads where this problem is resolved after staff went to 'tweak' their blogs.

  9. Well, I appreciate the advice, sulz, but in fact, at the beginning of last week, I sent Support a very detailed message about the problem and never even received the courtesy of a reply.

    If you'd like to see the text of the message that I sent, just go to this thread:

    There, you'll see the full message in one of my posts (it's dated Oct. 9), which I reprinted in an attempt to encourage other WordPress users experiencing the same problem to contact Support themselves.

    It seems that this is an issue that Support either wants to pretend doesn't exist, or pretend isn't a problem.

  10. i guess support has their hands exceptionally full this week? ;) nevertheless, i think they may take a while to get back at you. also, mark (who's in charge of support requests) makes periodic rounds around the forums, so hopefully he checks one of the thread you've posted in and take the necessary actions.

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