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    I have two questions I hope you can answer:
    1. Recently, my blog has been inundated with spammers. The URLs of some of them is quite graphic, and when I hover the mouse over the name, the photo is pornographic. Akismet has been excellent in filtering out this spam. But I wonder if anything can be done to eliminate it. I now spend more time cleaning out the junk mail than I do in creating my blog. (I just wrote a blog about this: “Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam.”)
    2. This week, I was awarded the “Illuminating Blogger Award.” I can’t find any info on it. Is this affiliated with WordPress?
    Thank you.
    Judy Berman

    The blog I need help with is



    1. Recently, my blog has been inundated with spammers.

    There’s nothing you can do to eliminate spam. The majority of all “information” on the internet is spam. Over 80% of all comments submitted to blogs here at > every day are spam. Akismet is an excellent spam filter.
    See here for more on managing spam >



    2. This week, I was awarded the “Illuminating Blogger Award.” I can’t find any info on it. Is this affiliated with WordPress?

    No this is not affiliated with A blog meme is a viral game where you generate links and relationships through asking other bloggers to participate. There are many blog awards and all are memes designed to get backlinks under the guise of blog awards.


    Again, thank you. I’ve read the links you provided as well. I was cautious about the award I mentioned as it was presented to me by someone I’d never had contact with before. The odd thing is my stories rarely contain the info that that group writes about.


    Just an aside here – when I was writing a general blog, I found that doing posts about spam – and even talking about it in comments – brought more to my blog – mostly because they pick up on it via search engines. So if you get much more after your current post, this might be why.

    And a tip to lessen the spam, if there are any specific words or phrases that you see over and over again that appear in the comments (and which aren’t likely to appear in real people’s comments) you can blacklist them:



    That does sound odd but it’s my experience that most bloggers presenting awards to other bloggers sincerely want to recognize the blogs they link to. As attrecting traffic and securing comments has become a formidable undertaking these days many have resorted to securing backlinks vis memes like blog awards and blog contaests, etc.

    It’s likewise important to know that the sponsoring of a meme, blog award, blog contest by any company brings them lots of hits and they operate on ppc (pay for click) sites. The voting takes place on those company sites and no matter how many time I have explained this in greater detail than I am doing now some bloggers just don’t get it. Google has filters that favor natural linking patterns.


    Thank you timethief and absurdoldbird. I realize that I may be waving the equivalent of a red flag before a bull by posting about spam. But I can’t just sit and quietly seethe about the problem.
    I do appreciate the tips.



    You’re welcome.

    P.S. absurdoldbird is right. If you blog on spam and you aren’t a blogging tips blogger providing tips on how to deal with it you are inviting even more Spam. Many beginner bloggers fing out the welcome mat and thewn end up here complaining about spam. lol :D

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