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    Here a switch on things. I post a new entry every two weeks. All of a sudden my views and hits have dropped off noticeably. I also noticed I havent been getting spammed as much. In fact I have no spams though they come at a pretty rapid rate that I normally can’t keep up with them ( I normally delete them after I quickly go through them ) Is there some eery connection here or is my vanity just getting the best of me?



    I’m not sure about the hits except that a few people have said it’s seemed slow in the lead up to Easter; if you’ve noticed a drop off since Friday, that might be one reason. If you’ve used any unusual tags or categories in your post, that might cause a difference in stats as well. One thing you could try is to use a stat counter and see if you get similar hits; that would tell you if they’re accurate or if there’s a problem with WP’s stats.

    For the spam, if you go to Dashboard > Options > Discussion, there’s a setting called Don’t discard spam on old posts. Is that unchecked? If it is then it’s discarding spam on any of your posts that are older than 30 days; that’s about 90% of all spam, which might be why it’s dropped off.

    If it is checked then it’s probably just a coincidence; you might want to keep an eye on it in case it’s a trend, but I guess a little less spam’s never a bad thing. :)

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