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    So, a few of the bloggers on my blog roll (mostly those who are using blogger) are being flagged as spam (which they are not) is there anyway I can protect my own blog from this?



    Do you have a blog or a blog? uses an automated flagging system where visitors click “Report as Spam” and then if enough users report it, the site is automatically taken offline. This was a really big deal a few weeks ago, because a group of people went through and did that to one political candidate and got a lot of the big political blogs offline for a day. Google (owner of Blogger) went back and put the blogs back online and said that it was doing something to prevent that.

    Here at, when someone clicks “report as spam” an email/ticket is sent to the staff. Then the staff (all over the world) personally reviews the site and compares it to the guidelines. If it is real SPAM, then they take the site offline and send the user an email. If it’s not SPAM, then they don’t take it offline.

    The difference is that Blogger used an automated process based on the number of reports. Here at, an actual person reviews the sites.

    So to protect yourself, just make sure you follow the rules here and the terms of service that you agreed to when you signed up.

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