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    I am astonished by all the spam – especially of the pornographic, foul language type- that appears on my blog. How can I prevent this from occurring? Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


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    Are you asking about spam that is caught by Askimet?

    Are you moderating comments?


    I guess so. Plz pardon my ignorance re. Askimet. I see all the spam when I log onto my dashboard, and that’s when I delete. Yes, I do moderate comments. Thx for your help!


    Is there anything that can be done once your blog has become a target for what I call “machine gun” spam attacks – where someone just hammers the blog with spam, at 10-15 spams per hour until hundreds of spams are in the mderation cue every couple of days. I see the IP addresses associated with these. What should I do? How can I stop being hammered with this stuff? Almost all of it is trying to sell cheap knock off cialis, viagra et al. help!!

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    @eternalflowers, when Akismet catches spam it will put it on the Comments / Spam tab of your dashboard so you can double-check if you wish. You can just click the Delete All Spam button to make it all go away in one click.

    @goldenheart888, likewise – Akismet catches it and puts it on your Spam tab. You don’t have to read through it all. Just click Delete All Spam.


    @goldenhear888 yeah, I’ve had that happen to me before as well, just like tellyworth said go through it and just hit delete all spam.






    can i just delete the spam without having to click “spam” and delete all spam? I just dont want to see anything, any words of the message coming from spam message.



    If ‘Don’t discard spam on old posts’ is not turned on in Settings > Discussions the contents of the spam folder are automatically deleted. There is no need for you to delete it manually. Sometimes Akismet makes a mistake, which is why you need to keep in a folder first, so that you can check and correct the error, if necessary.

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