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  1. Hi, I'm receiving a lot of comments that are spam in my blog, a lot of them are coming from this site:

    I keep clicking in spam in the comments but it doesn't help.

    How can I stop this the spam or at least control it a little bit?

    Is there any free plug in?


  2. What is the URL of your blog starting with http:// ?

  3. Hi arturofm, this is what I did when I started to receive too much spam.
    I'm assuming you are still using wordpress hosting, go to your blog's Dashboard, scroll down to Settings, and click on Discussion.

    Then scroll down until you see Akismet anti-spam strictness and select Strict: silently discard the worst and most pervasive spam. I still receive my regular comments and maybe the odd spam message but thats all.

  4. @arturofm
    I asked my question for a specific reason and I want an answer to it please. Until we actually have the URL of the specific blog you refer to we cannot provide an accurate answer, because WordPress.COM and WordPress.ORG are completely separate and the answers are different.

  5. Hi timethief, my blog is:

    Hi pimpmyandroid, thanks but I've just updated the to the new WordPress, and I didn't see it there, maybe they changed it...

    Any idea where is it now?

  6. You are in the wrong forum and need to be at WordPress.ORG for support with that version of the software. We cannot help you with that here.

  7. Ok, thanks

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