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Spam Akismet says I am spam.[big problem]

  1. (Italian, english look down)
    sono king84 di! Non riesco piĆ¹ a lasciare un commento su qualsiasi blog di wordpress. Nemmeno sul mio stesso blog! Infatti spam akismet mi considera come se fossi spam! Ho provato a mettere la V su "non-spam" ma non funziona! che posso fare? ho bisogno di lasciare messaggi!

    I'm the administrator of (call me king). I must have pushed the wrong button in configuring spam akismet, because now it thinks that I am spam! I cannot leave a comment on wordpress's blogs. I cannot leave any comment even in my own blog (in fact akismet considers me as spam). Now what can I do to solve this BIG problem for me? I tried to put the tick in the "not-spam" thingy but it doesn't work! HELP PLEASE!

  2. What's funny is that we're having an Italian language class here in the coffee shop right now. I wonder if I should ask for a translation. :)

    Staff has suggested sending in a feedback from your dashboard with a pointer to some of teh comments that have been incorrectly tagged as spam and that they will look into the matter. Tagging them as non spam helps the issue as well.

    Hope this helps,

  3. Hello,
    thanks for the quick response! I'm posting pictures screenshots in JPEGjust so I'll let you see exactly what is happening when I'm trying to post comments, after logging-in of course:
    1) I see a lot of people enjoying posting comments on my blog, so I try to answer them like this
    and then click Submit Comment
    2) But I see that no comment from me has been shown!

    3) I go in my dashboard and see that my own comment is signed as SPAM

    and then, to let it being published, I need everytime to tick is as Not-Spam and click on Comments marked as no spam. And then I delete the spam there.

    Now, what can I do? I can't either post comments on any other blog!
    I'm using a 56k connection. My I.P. changes everytime I connect. Friends bloggers (like tita from told me that if I try to send a comment in their blog, they receive my comment marked as spam. and that of course it doesn't show up!
    sorry for my poor english.

  4. drmike said in his reply to report to feedback. look for feedback at the top right of our dashboard. feedback is only available during weekdays, though.

  5. I already clicked on Feedback before posting here, but it always says "Support Temporarily Closed

    Support is currently closed. We will reopen Monday morning. In the mean time, please feel free to browse the forums."

    So it tells me to browse the forums and the forums tell me to look for feedback???
    I'm sure my problem won't be so difficult to solve!

  6. "Support will now be open Monday through Friday and closed on the weekends"
    OK I understand it now. I'll wait for tomorrow because now in my country is 10:42 a.m. and it's sunday. I guess what time-zone should I follow? Anyway I'll try tomorrow many times during the day.
    thanks for answerring me and being so kind

  7. they're following the u.s. time surely. the reason that people from the support forums are unable to help you is that this is a "back-end" problem, where only the wp team can access your files and rectify it. most helpers in the forums are volunteers.

    no problem, good luck! =)

  8. oh nice

  9. alright I sent feedback explaining for the third time the same things I wrote here and in the other post. It isn't working though and I still cannot leave comments neither in my blog nor in any other blog.
    spam akismet still catches all my comments.
    what can I do? I'm desperate

  10. The reason support hasn't fixed it yet is that, as explained above, they're not at work till Monday. Wait another twelve hours and support will re-open. All the feedbacks you've sent go to the same two or three people, so there's no point in continuing to send them when they are not at work.

    The best suggestion I have for you is to comment on your own blog repeatedly and continuously un-spam yourself in the Akismet area. It might learn that way before the support staff can get to fixing it.

  11. and be patient for a response as they might not reply immediately. it must be a big issue to you but they might have more urgent problems to solve first, but be assured that your feedback will be read.

  12. but when I posted my message here it *was* monday!

  13. but when I posted my message here it *was* monday!
    It isn't working
    this is where I can't get to post comments.
    I left my heart in san francisco.
    I'll leave this.
    Administrators, feel free to delete this thread. If I could I would delete it myself.

  14. Perhaps it was Monday where you were, but I am in North America and it was shortly after midnight on Sunday and you said you'd already sent three identical complaints. That is Monday in only the technical sense. You have got to be more patient.

  15. Just for reference, it appears that the email support at this domian is monitored during teh weekend. I do not know if that's offical or not though. My emails got answered.

    I'll send in a feedback myself to staff with a pointer to this thread and see if staff can take a looksee.

  16. Email is monitored (it was over xmas but it was a whole lot less which was nice) and I do reply but timezones do come into it too of course.

    I think the OP's problem has been solved here judging from an email I got a couple of hours ago.

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