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    There has been a huge increase in spam comments getting through the Askimet filter in the past week. Seems like nearly 50 spam comments a day are getting through. The comments are clearly spam, but are not being caught any more.

    I no longer empty the spam folder – has 2,400 comments this morning – because WP advised it doesn’t have to be cleared and individual spam will be cleared after 15 days anyway.

    Anyone else getting irritated with higher volumes of spam?

    The blog I need help with is



    Yes. I get nowhere near that number, but it’s a little irritating to see that Akismet let through “rent vacation holmes in the Med” signed by VacationRentalHomes etc, etc.



    I have had an increase lately of gobbledygook mataobasy spam – all attached to one jpg picture file I DELETED PERMANENTLY, and which does not now exist on the blog. How do they do this? Anyone else with this problem?

    I’m also a bit puzzled what’s in it for the spammers, such as the mataobasy corporation whateveritis?? Plain mischief?

    Akismet occasionally let through obvious spam comments for moderation on one of my very early posts – always the same one.

    As to spam management, I empty the spams each day – is it true that WP clear each one anyway after 15 days? I didn’t know this.

    Thanks for help!

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