Spam "band" report: "Project A.W.O.L." follows and likes

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    Hello, I am experiencing this extremely low scale (since my blog is still new) follow/likes spam by a series of profiles and blogs that apparently are part of a band/group/scheme called “Project A.W.O.L.”:

    You can find them on the followers list of my blog (, there are two or three legit people there by the way (correliebre, Malu, Christian Mihai, myself).

    I know there are limited actions you can take on spammers that use these methods, by I also thought you would appreciate a report on new spam sources. rocks, thanks for this great service!

    The blog I need help with is


    I’ve had some of the exact same people spam my blog with fake and unwanted “follows”. I’ve posted about this in the forums before and got no response from anyone yet. I disabled all likes on my blog and deleted all tags and categories because I was so sick of like spammers. And I still get them. Here’s my thread on this. Hope WP has some solution for dealing with these people. I’m sick of them.



    I’ve been thinking on disabling likes and follows in the future if this keeps getting worse.

    I still think staff at should somehow be notified though.
    I’m new here so I thought this was the best place. Let’s hope they see it.

    Thanks for the “follow” up :-)



    I just got 6 obviously fake followers who are probably waiting for my next post to spam the contact form (I get a lot of that).

    Diegoe, I understood that there is no way to disable following, isn’t that true?



    I also have been getting members of Project AWOL “following” my blog for the last few months – four just yesterday – in my case, they don’t actually do anything apart from like one post, follow and then never return. I think their point is to draw you back to their site, get you to like a post (which must generate money for them), watch their pyramid scheme video then part with your cash…. If there was some way to put in a filter to get rid of these guys, I’d install it. You can always look at and for more information and to report whoever is bothering you….

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