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    Just wanted to thank you guys for the Akismet spam thing. If it wasn’t for it I would have to spend a good portion of my time on removing these unwanted comments. It is great thanks again.





    Totally agree on this, but would love to state that an IP block would be really beneficial. I understand the hesitancy because IP blocking can lead to blocking of actual members, but I’ve been hit with a nasty spammer this evening that Akismet isn’t stopping. I’ve had about 20-25 spam comments so far that are coming in regularly that I’m having to delete individually and by morning that number will be pretty significant if they continue. I can’t be the only one. They are all coming in from the same IP address. *sigh*



    If you aren’t requiring email address identifcation and aren’t moderating now you do have a tool you can use. Don’t forget that you can change your discussion settings for comments at anytime and then change them back again.

    I found that by changing to requiring an email address and to requiring moderation for all comments my spammer/stalker gave up. If all else fails what have you got to lose? If this is how the spammer is slipping by you could at least have a clean slate in the morning.

    Also note that you can blacklist the first three numbers of this turkey’s IP – it will of course affect others but you can make that choice.



    I agree. 100 % of the comments Akismet identified were spam indeed. That’s impressive.

    However, when I look at the Askimet page, there are usually less comments to view (and delete) than the numbers on the dashboard suggest. So for instance, if I go back to the Askimet page, thinking ‘ah, another 5 comments intercepted’, I only find 2 or 3 spam comments.
    Apparently, some are deleted automatically.
    Is this because Akismet is 100 % sure that they are spam and less sure with the ones we can see?

    Sorry if this has been discussed before. Didn’t manage to find anothing. Providing a link would be sufficient…




    Most of my spam is porn related. :(



    I have to agree that Akismet is a very useful tool. All the comments it has identified as spam, are. However, I also got spam-bombed in the past day, ~35 messages from the same IP address. I think it would be helpful to block by IP as well.



    yeah, i just got hit with a nasty spammmer, too. this is the first time this has happened because it seeemed the akimset was working really well. this spammer has a fake email address so that is how they’re able to get through to make comments. i woke up this morning wiht all this spam for this fart-head with a yahoo email account.



    Yes, today my blog got spam-bombing and Akismet was unable to stop them. All spam come from, has fake yahoo email and the same string: “Here are some links that I believe will be interested”. I was surprised that I mark those messages as spam few times but Akismet continues to pass them (maybe it needs some time).



    I think it would be helpful to block by IP as well.

    No it wouldn’t. Take two seconds to get around. Heck, I move over a table to my right, I’m in another Class C altogether. is a dsl pool connection. All they would have to do would be disconnect and reconnect to get around the block.


    I’m getting bombed by 35-40 hits overnight from this fool as well. Annoying to go delete them all as spam one by one. Can we not just block the text string they are using as least as a short term fix? The text is the same on every single message.

    I saw “words/phrases to block” when I first signed on to wordpress, but can’t find that screen now. Any hints as to where that is? Right now, a temporary fix sounds better than what I’m spending my time doing. If they are occupied with other blogger systems, it at least helps us for a while.



    5purposedriven: In your blog, try going to Options, then to Discussion, then scroll down to Comment Blacklist.

    Drmike: I realize that it’s easy for spammers to just switch classes by shifting numbers in their IP. Does this mean you guys won’t even consider implementing IP blocking for bloggers to use? It seems to me that the more options that available to use, the better for all of us.


    Thanks “ballad…” It seems to me that since they are sending the same link file, you can access that file from email and put the portion “//'” in the blocked
    word list and in the “hold for moderation” list and it will get rid of these hits. I’m getting them every few minutes today. I don’t think it will take long for Askimet to adjust and block on it’s own (I would hope not).



    Funny the day I start this and I get 3 spam comments lol and yes nosysnoop mine is either porn related or buy these drugs online.



    IP. Does this mean you guys won’t even consider implementing IP blocking for bloggers to use?

    I politely point out that I am not one of the “you guys”. I’m just a volenteer who helps out here. I am not a member of Automattic staff.

    Do note though that if you do block an IP address, especially one coming out of a pool block like this one, you are blocking innocents as well. Plus, I I mentioned, it’s too easy to get around such a block. About 7 feet for me and I would be on an entire different Class C block. A block by IP address would do more harm than good.

    Plus what would stop me from blocking 63.68.89.*, your IP address? Or TT’s? Or anyone elses here? Heck, I’d love to see all of the IP addresses assigned to Midland, Texas dropped into a blackhole because of an idiot who lives there but that would be blocking every body else who lives there.

    Annoying to go delete them all as spam one by one.

    I Polielty point out the “Mass Edit Mode” link and the “Mark Checked Comments as Spam” button when you visit Dashboard -> Manage -> Comments. It appears you may have missed it.

    I’m getting them every few minutes today. I don’t think it will take long for Askimet to adjust and block on it’s own

    You are marking them as spam, right? That’s how Akismet learns.



    I am also getting hit with the same spammer today and over last night. And up until then, Akismet was catching nearly everything. The comments also come from the same IP and have the same text.

    I am marking each one as spam in the mass edit mode. How long does it take Akismet to learn? It just doesn’t seem to be working with this at all, as these comments are nearly identical and are not being picked up.

    I also turned comment moderation on, as per the suggestion above. That insures the spam comments won’t be seen on my blog, BUT it doesn’t seem to be deterring the spammer at all. I am still getting the same spam, and now messages to moderate them.

    how annoying *sigh*



    “Here are some links that I believe will be interested”

    I too have seen this and akismet did not pick it up as spam. I’m getting this more and more frequently in the past few days.

    I also support IP blocking. I have an obsessive troll constantly trolling me. I would love to be able to completely block this idiot from even viewing my blog.

    Is there any way, other than just completely ignoring trolls like this, to actually deal with them?

    I made the mistake of showing my email address on my blog, and now the idiot is even using my email address for weird things.

    I do have his IP address. Is there someone I should report this to? The troll is using my name, URL, and email address, to post phony, hateful posts on other blogs. What can I do about this?

    Again, I do have his IP address. Should I notify police, or is that even going to help? I will appreciate your advice.



    “Here are some links that I believe will be interested”
    those are the same ones that got through to my blog as well last nite.



    (1) Report this IP through feedback. The button is on your top right hand side of your dashboard.
    (2) Change your primary email address.
    (3) Get a second throw away email address to use in conjunction with your blog.
    (4) Notify the bloggers where the troll has left phony comments that this is not you doing this.



    It does work well, however I’ve had readers (innocent) make comments that got marked as spam. The one today included one link, maybe that’s why?

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