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Spam comments

  1. @theuglymoose- I found one in Spanish today too, so I don't think it was a legitimate one.

  2. @Teamo
    I know how big is Australia. But you didn't pick the joke :)

  3. Sorry @hnsaifi. Sometimes I can be a bit slow.

  4. I wouldn't so much call is slow as not being able to understand broken English.

  5. Wow, even my English is broken. FML.

  6. I keep getting spam about Viagra and erm ahem, erectile dysfunction on my 'Twelfth Night' story. Subtitled " Contains References to M/M sex, men enjoying kisses.......and eating in bed" *Smirk*

  7. This is my last waning to you.

    Don't worry Teamo have you picked it this time :)

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