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    I am so very sorry to trouble you, and I’ve had this issue in the past, but have no idea if I should be contacting or Anytime I visit a WP blog, my comments end in spam and I have to contact the site admin to request that the comments be removed. Not only is this terribly time consuming, but it’s enough of a deterrent to make me consider moving my blog elsewhere. I have had this issue since I started blogging in Oct 2009 and don’t understand why this keeps happening; I have a reputable blog and have never once left a spam comment!

    Please let me know if I should direct my query elsewhere.

    Thank you,



    Moderator Emeritus

    I have just removed your post to these forums from our spam filter. Sorry I don’t know why you were caught.

    I’ll modlook this so perhaps a staff person can help.


    Thank you so very much for the response; I appreciate any and all help! Best,




    Could you comment on and let us know once you did that?



    Just did! Please let me know what happens. Thanks for all your help!



    @mypixieblog your comment has been successfully posted on the blog post.

    @cornflakegirl74 We’re looking into the issue on why your posts are automatically marked as spam.

    I’ll keep you informed.

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