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    In recent weeks, many more spam comments are not being caught by the spam filter. I don’t recall changing anything in my settings that would have created this problem. This seems to coincide with the recent WordPress botnet attack. Any suggestions for what I can do to get things back to normal? Thanks! :)

    The blog I need help with is


    When you say not caught by the spam filter, do you mean the spam comments are ending up in your moderation queue, or in the spam comments section?

    If they are in the spam comments section, that’s where they should be, and you shouldn’t really worry about it, Akismet is doing it’s job. You don’t even have to empty them or delete them, they’ll be gone after 15 days.

    If they are in your comment moderation section, then all you can do is, click on ‘Spam’, and Akismet will learn from it. If you don’t have the option ticked in Settings -> Discussion that automatically sends new comments to the moderation queue (or a new author of comments) then I’d suggest you do so, so you can control anything that comes up on your blog.

    Spam comes in waves, and actually about 80% of all comments made daily on sites are spam, so there is plenty of it around. For more about spam see here:



    Correct. Until a few weeks ago Akismet caught 99.9% of spam comments. I would only have to moderate 1 or 2 in a year. In the last 4 days or so, I have had to moderate (by marking as spam) a half dozen or so. Didn’t know if WordPress had a issue going on. But if Akismet learns from what I’m doing, it sounds like the problem will ease at some point. Thanks for your response.



    Do you know if these spam comments are counted as visitors to my site? Thanks :)

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