Spam Comments and Blog Scraping

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    I am fairly new to blogging, so to be safe I have set my comment preferences to “An administrator must always approve the comment”. Shortly after publishing my first post Akismet alerted me to a potential spam comment, it also told me that there was a pingback to the site. I followed the link to find an excerpt from my post. Is this an example of blog scraping and if so what should I do ? Should I just delete the spam ?

    This is where the link took me:

    Thanks in advance.



    yeah you guessed right. and yes, delete the spam, there’s no point keeping it anyway. =)


    Thanks sulz, Akismet is now saying it has blocked three spam comments, but it is only showing the one I referred to above. I am wondering whether I should select “Delete” or “Delete All” ?



    delete the one you’re sure is spam. sometimes legitimate comments get stuck in your spam inbox so you should check each one to make sure you don’t accidentally delete a precious comment!

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