Spam count increasing but not reviewable

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    My spam count from Akismet has been increasing, but if you go to review them for deleting or ok, nothing is there. In the last 5 only 1 was reviewable. Just wondering why? Mary

    The blog I need help with is


    Any spam from well-known spamming sites and such are deleted automatically before they get to your spam queue. Any spams that there is any question about, will be sent to your spam queue.


    Thank you. It’s nice not having to delete those. Mary


    You’re welcome. On my self-hosted blog, I get around 200 most days and have to go through all of them to make sure the spam filter hasn’t caught any legitimate commenters, and it is a pain. I have one client that gets around 1500 per day that he has to go through. Having Akismet throw out the known spammers takes a big load off of bloggers.

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